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Thank you Eve & Team!

We were referred to Eve from a friend and will certainly be spreading the recommendation! We really appreciated the insights Eve was willing to share. This included everything from deciding what pictures to take, when we should take them and how long it will take. Eve also provided valuable input into out detailed schedule and remained agile when we threw it out the window on the wedding day! We were impressed by the turnaround time on the sneak peek shots which were shared on Facebook! This was awesome to share while the memories were fresh, now we cannot wait for the rest! One of the Groomsmen put it best when he said Eve was willing to risk it all and put her body on the line as she climbed into thorny bushes, rolled around in the dirt and crawled through the veld to make sure she gets the perfect shot. On top of it all, Eve even carried around plasters for when my Husband got blisters on his feet! Eve comes with her crew, all whom were a pleasure to work with! They are very professional and have a lot of patience when it came to coordinating the family shots! Thank you Eve and Team for capturing our special day.


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