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Product photography

Pricing guideline

(Time in Studio + Price per photo)

  • Time in Studio:

    • R1000 per hour

    • Time spent includes unwrapping product, assembly, dusting it, setting up, shooting, re-packaging

  • Price per Photo:

    • Simple - R60 ​

      • Not reflective or transparent, not white​

      • Eg Food, Clothing, cardboard packaging​

    • Medium - R80

      • White, reflective, bulky item​

      • Eg Plastic, metal, white product on white background

    • Complex - R120

      • Reflective & transparent

      • Eg Glass, jewellery, polished metal

  • Deep etching quoted separately per photo

  • We have shot many products for online order sites requiring strict guidelines (eg Takealot)

  • Full Day editing rate available for bulk quantity (60+ products/60 photos+)

4 clear glasses filled with red, blue, clear and yellow liquid. Glasses on black perpex against a white backdrop. Photo taken from the front.
cut crystal empty whiskey glass - photo taken from the front against light backdrop.jpg

Our product photography services includes photography on white, black,  or coloured backgrounds.

We also cater for specialised photography for food and highly reflective objects such as bottles and glass objects.

Drop off or courier your products at our Studio in Sundowner and let us do the rest. Photos will be uploaded on an online server for you to download when editing is completed. 

We can also come to you if on location shooting is necessary as we also have a portable studio.

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