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Photo Books

Can you answer YES to any of these?:
  • Wedding photos fading away in old plastic sleeve album?

  • Too ashamed to bring your baby album out of its dark corner?

  • Precious photos abandoned in shoe box?

  • A million photos dumped on your hard drive with no-one to ever see them?


A Photo Book is your answer!

Let us help you - We take your old faded photo albums, scan the pictures, bring life back into each photo with careful editing and import them into a coffee table book that will proudly sit at each visitor's fingertips!

We have vast experience in album design and we follow modern design principles.


We like the album to tell the story, be it a holiday, birthday, wedding or family photos.  We avoid cramming in photos and believe "less is more".

As a rough estimate, a 24 page book takes around 60-80 photos. For larger volume, extra cost per spread will be added.

Leather Books

Genuine Leather cover,  Re-enforced layflat pages (thick pages), black or brown leather. Includes linen box - STUNNING!

  • 30cmX30cm -  R6500  40 pages

  • 30cmX30cm -  R5600  30 pages

  • 30cmX30cm -  R4200  20 pages

  • A4: 20X30cm - R5000  40 pages

  • A4: 20X30cm - R4700  30 pages

  • A4:20X30cm  - R3700  20 pages 

  • 20cmX20cm  - R2200  20 pages

  • Guestbook 15X20cm (10 pages) - R1700

Printed Hardcover Books

Printed Hardcover, 24 pages, matt/gloss/linen finish:

  • A4 Portrait/Landscape Layflat      - R2400

  • 30cm X 30cm Layflat  - 24 pages  - R2800

  • 30cm X 30cm Layflat  - 32 pages  - R3500

  • 30cm X 30cm Layflat  - 40 pages  - R4200

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