Photo Books

Can you answer YES to any of these?:
  • Wedding photos fading away in old plastic sleeve album?

  • Too ashamed to bring your baby album out of its dark corner?

  • Precious photos abandoned in shoe box?

  • A million photos dumped on your hard drive with no-one to ever see them?


A Photo Book is your answer!
  • Let us help you - We take your old faded photo albums, scan the pictures, bring life back into each photo with careful editing and import them into a coffee table book that will proudly sit at each visitor's fingertips!


Great present idea!

  • Christmas present 

  • Parents Anniversary

  • Redo wedding album

  • Holiday coffee table book

  • Any event for lasting memories!

We have vast experience in album design and we follow modern design principles. We like the album to tell the story, be it a holiday, birthday, wedding or family photos.  We avoid cramming in photos and believe "less is more".

As a rough estimate, a 24 page book takes around 60-80 photos. For larger volume, extra cost per spread will be added.

Printed Hardcover, 24 pages, matt/gloss/linen finish:

  • A4 Portrait/Landscape Layflat      - R2000

  • 30cm X 30cm Layflat - 24 pages   - R2600

  • 30cm X 30cm Layflat  - 40 pages  - R3600

  • 30cm X 30cm Layflat  - 52 pages  - R4150

Genuine Leather cover,  Re-enforced layflat pages (thick pages), black or brown leather. Includes linen box - STUNNING!

  • 30cmX30cm -  R6000  40 pages

  • 30cmX30cm -  R5500  30 pages

  • 30cmX30cm -  R4000  20 pages

  • A4: 20X30cm - R5000  40 pages

  • A4: 20X30cm - R4500  30 pages

  • A4:20X30cm  - R3500  20 pages 

  • 20cmX20cm  - R2000  20 pages

  • Guestbook 15X20cm (10 pages) - R1500

Softcover, 24 pages

  • A5 Landscape - R500

  • A4 Portrait      - R1000


“I believe that in order to produce great pictures, it is far more important to click with my client than to click with the shutter" 

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