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6 Tips for a Stylish & Timeless album design

It is undeniable that a well-designed album layout compliments and enhances your images, whereas a weak layout will often distract your viewers and ultimately undermine your photos. Here at Eve Smith Productions, we want to bring some of our design experiences to give you some pointers for a truly modern album design.

Every photographer has his/her own design flavour. At Eve Smith Productions, we like to have the album tell the love story of the day. We want the design to be timeless so that you will still cherish your album for the many years to come.

1. FLOW OF THE IMAGES: It's all about the poetry of the album . More important than the order is the flow of the images. Just like a magazine, an album is made up of spreads. Think about each spread (or two pages) as a whole. The pages need to relate to one another by content or style.

2. TELLING THE LOVE STORY: Arrange the photos, make sure it tells the story. The important thing to remember when putting the photos into the album is that you’re trying to tell the story with only the images you’ve selected, so make sure your selection and arrangement together can create a comprehensive, fluid story without any gap. Just like when you sort the photos, arrange them chronologically. Include the key moments of the day, and also the details shots that help set the scene. If you have a series of photos that form a sequence, it would be best to keep it on a page or a spread. Don’t break it down otherwise it will hurt the flow.

3. KEEP THE SYMMETRY: if you want a picture removed, make sure the result for the spread is still symmetrical. Either remove 1 and replace it with another “same scene” photo, or remove 2 photos if required.

4. LESS IS MORE: Keep in mind that when filling in a page or spread with several photos, you don’t want to make it look like a visual clutter. Putting as many photos in the album as possible is tempting, but avoid cramming the page. “Less is more” applies to many things in life, and it certainly holds true for album design as well. The usual trap goes something like this: You have these 5 gorgeous images of the bride and groom that you love. Which ones to put into the portraits spread? Oh, let’s put them all in. Wrong! Your indecisiveness will yield a layout that is crowded, and does not allow for any particular image to “sing” – thereby reducing the impact of all the images.

5. REMEMBER: A good general rule of thumb to follow: The more proud you are of an image, the fewer other images should be alongside it.

6. CONSISTENCY: Each spread must be consistent in design and all images must have the same editing style or the different style must complement each other (eg Black & White + colour)


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