Clive Pillay - Professional Director

Clive is a consummate professional who as an eternal optimist, is always looking for positives in any situation but considers himself a pragmatist first and foremost, this no doubt stems from his methodical and analytical nature. He is a strategic thinker who is versatile with over 27 years of experience being a results-oriented Executive and Director, as evidenced by the results attained in the organisations he has worked for. Clive is also a self-motivated, principled leader with integrity, sought after for his skills and competencies that span multiple industries and business functions.

Clive needed professional photos to update his online profiles & website so an hour photoshoot was the perfect solution.

“I believe that in order to produce great pictures, it is far more important to click with my client than to click with the shutter" 

+27 82 456 2456  
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